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Resurrecting the site

Cygo.com is undergoing a rebirth.  It's kinda like bringing back ancient Egypt, but it's getting there.  Soon you'll see three forum areas, one for news, one for setting up the whole "Cygo's Space Initiative" thing, and one for speculation and ideas.

Because of the state of world economics and environmental deterioration we might be in a good position to move aggressively forward.

I've added you to the founders list on the left.

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Still following some of your website links around.

An article here discussing the survival of mankind:

In education: The University of North Dakota Space Studies program - Space.edu I've taken a couple of classes there and can recommend it.

The Reaction Research Society - RRS.org seems in a state of flux right now but should sort things out soon. Chemical rocketry, mostly engine testing with test-stand capabilities up to approx. 15,000 lbs thrust. Out of Cal Tech and with a test site in the Mojave desert. (The nozzle in the picture is a RRS 2-inch Beta). Eventually I hope to have time and funds to flight-test some models of new ideas, however events interfere right now

And if anyone joins this group with access to model 3D hypersonic flow around a lifting body....
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